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DUTCH Complete

DUTCH Complete

What is the DUTCH Complete?

The DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) Complete test is an advanced diagnostic tool used to evaluate hormone levels. This test is unique because it uses dried urine samples to measure various hormones and their metabolites. Here are its key features:

Hormone Assessment

The DUTCH Complete test measures a range of hormones such as cortisol, cortisone, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This comprehensive approach provides a more complete picture of a person's hormonal balance compared to traditional blood tests.

Circadian Rhythm Analysis

It includes an evaluation of the natural daily patterns of cortisol and cortisone, which can help assess adrenal function and identify issues with circadian rhythm.

Metabolite Measurement

The test also measures hormone metabolites, which are the products of hormone breakdown. This can offer more detailed insights into how hormones are being processed by the body.

The DUTCH Complete test is particularly popular among practitioners of functional medicine, who often focus on hormone balance as a key aspect of health. However, like any medical test, its results should be interpreted in the context of a comprehensive clinical evaluation.

Benefits of the DUTCH Complete

The DUTCH Complete test is highly regarded by both practitioners and patients for several reasons, which contribute to its popularity in the field of hormone health and functional medicine. Here are some of the key benefits that make the DUTCH Complete test a preferred choice:

Detailed Analysis of Hormone Balance

Practitioners appreciate the level of detail provided by the DUTCH test, which goes beyond just measuring hormone levels. It includes information on hormone production, metabolism, and excretion, offering a more holistic view of a patient’s hormonal health.

Non-Invasive and Convenient

The use of dried urine samples makes the test non-invasive and easy to administer. Patients can collect the samples at home, avoiding the need for multiple trips to a clinic for blood draws, which is especially beneficial for patients who are needle-sensitive or have limited access to healthcare facilities.

Personalized Treatment Plans

The comprehensive data from the DUTCH Complete test allows healthcare providers to create more personalized and effective treatment plans. This can include targeted lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, supplementation, or hormone therapy.

Identifying Root Causes

For patients with complex symptoms, the DUTCH test can help in identifying the root causes of their health issues. This is particularly valuable in functional medicine, which focuses on treating the underlying cause of disease rather than just managing symptoms.

Monitoring Treatment Efficacy

The test can be used to monitor the efficacy of treatment plans. Repeating the test after implementing lifestyle changes or treatments can provide tangible evidence of improvement or the need for further adjustments.

Patient Empowerment

Patients often feel more involved in their healthcare journey when using the DUTCH Complete test. The detailed results and the education around them can empower patients with a better understanding of their bodies and the impact of their lifestyle choices on hormonal health.

The DUTCH Complete test's popularity stems from its comprehensive nature, convenience, and the actionable insights it provides. It aligns well with the principles of personalized and functional medicine, focusing on a holistic view of health and the prevention and treatment of the underlying causes of disease.



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How it works

Order your test kit online

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Free and discrete delivery

Our home collection kits are delivered free of charge in a plain envelope/ discrete packaging

Easy Sample Collection

Collect your sample from the privacy of home. Easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials are provided. Return your sample to the lab at no cost to you, using the prepaid shipping label provided. How to collect your sample →

In The Lab

Fast and accurate processing

Your sample will be sent to our network of CLIA-certiified laboratories. These are the same labs used by primary care providers and hospitals

Secure and confidential results

  • Results typically provided in 2-3 days

  • Secure patient portal to view results

  • Helpful education from our clinical experts

  • Official lab report

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Physician oversight and support

Phone consultation with one of our board-certified physicians, at no charge, if you have a positive result

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